Florida Manufactures Representative
Pintsch Bubenzer


13916 Galway Sand Road, Riverview, FL 33579

813-631-0158, Email: bbaszak@btbdc.com, www.btbdc.com


Manufacturers’ representative for:

ATS Electro-Lube Corp : Vancouver, BC. Featuring our patented nitrogen gas and motor driven lubricant dispensing systems. Available in food grade, low temperature or customer specified lubricants. Our products are available in disposable or refillable dispensers including cartridge type, standard or custom programming dispensing rates, LED monitoring indicators, multipoint distribution point blocks, weatherproof and UL approved. www.atselectrolube.com


Bedeschi Mid-West Conveyor: Lenexa, KS. Manufacturer, designer and erector of all types of Material Handling Systems. Over 50 years of expertise in bulk handling systems particularly in coal for power plants, mines and terminals. DMWC also features special bulk handling equipment such as rotary & fixed plow feeders, traveling trippers, telescopic chutes, rack and pinion gates, traveling stackers, scraper reclaimers and ship unloaders. www.mwconveyor.com


Bedeschi-OMG : Deerfield Beach, FL. Manufacturer of container crane, ship loaders & unloaders, crushers and RTG port equipment. www.bedeschi.com


Force Control Industries, Inc : Fairfield, OH. “Patented Oil Shear Technology”, clutch/brakes, high speed indexing with servo-like accuracy, motor brakes, and custom applications…built to last… GUARANTEED to PERFORM! www.forcecontrol.com


Huebner-Giessen : Jasper, GA. Encoders & motion control systems for heavy duty applications. Leader in the design and manufacture of high precision motion control sensors for mining equipment, container cranes, RTG cranes, amusement park and entertainment applications, pulp & paper industry and many more applications. www.huebner-giessen.com


J.R. Merritt Controls : Stratford, CT. J.R. Merritt Controls manufactures and provides innovative custom human interface solutions, including precision engineered joysticks, single-axis controllers, rotary switches, foot pedals and complete operator chair systems. www.jrmerritt.com


MALMEDIE®: is a leading manufacturer of mechanical couplings for various industrial applications worldwide with extensive experience in the steel industry. Based in Solingen, Germany, and with a US Sales office in Pennsylvania, Malmedie develops, designs, manufactures and distributes Gear- Drum- and Safety-Couplings (Torque Limiters) of the highest quality. www.malmedie.com


Motovario USA : Alpharetta, GA. Enclosed single worm, helical worm, double and triple worm, gear motors, motors and engineered products. Featuring rugged aluminum construction of reducer and motor housings for many applications including boat lifts, food processing, and high humidity industries. A division of TECO Westinghouse. www.motovario.com


Pintsch Bubenzer USA LLC : Industrial brake systems including electrically or hydraulically operated drum and disc systems, thruster or solenoid activated. Also featuring rail clamps and hydraulic/gas buffers. pintschbubenzerusa.com


SGI Power Transmissions : Boca Raton, FL. Manufacturer for speed reducers, planetary gear units, extruder drives, modular gear motors, gear couplings, flexible couplings, all-steel couplings, worldwide service facilities. www.sgipower.com


Voith USA Inc : York, PA. Constant fill and drain type fluid couplings for smooth and wear-free power transmission. Offers effective cushioning of shocks, system vibrations and system balance. Eliminates stressed motor start-up in loaded conditions. voith.com